John McKenna, Sculptor  – My artistic journey is defined by the harmonious interplay of design and craftsmanship.

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My journey in monumental artistry over thirty years of sculptural excellence.

With over three decades of design and sculpting experience under my belt, I bring a wealth of expertise and practical design acumen to the table, making me a trusted choice for large-scale public art projects.

From intricate cast bronzes to colossal stainless steel structures, I work with a diverse range of media, always ensuring that each artwork is completed within a feasible schedule and within a realistic budget.
John McKenna was born in Manchester.
Moved to Worcestershire where he attended the Royal Grammar School, Worcester and the Victoria Institute of Art & Design.
Further design studies at Middlesex University, London. Foreign travel to cultural destinations and starting an arts business.
Three years study at the uniquely prestigious Sir Henry Doulton School of Sculpture, under the Patronage of the eminent sculptress Dame Elizabeth Frink CH DBE RA. As the patron of the Sir Henry Doulton School she often visited to give Master classes to the seven students, culminating in a major retrospective sculpture exhibition at Keele University in 1988, where John and several selected students had the great privilege of exhibiting their work alongside Dame Elizabeth's.
Whilst living in Stoke on Trent, near many brickworks John started creating brick relief friezes as public artworks. He lectured at Stafford college and was instrumental in setting up the first HND in Figurative Sculpture course there, whilst also teaching Three Dimensional design at Worcester College of Technology.
1993 - 2001
John relocated to Worcester, finished lecturing and became a full time professional public art sculptor. He was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. Creating public artworks on many sites throughout the UK. In 2001 HRH Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip met with John McKenna and saw his bronze cows he was creating for West's Centre on the Channel Island of Jersey.
John relocated his studio to a small holding over looking the Irish sea on the beautiful rural South West Coast of Scotland. Here John and his wife Claire, raised three children, keep horses, poultry and cats.
Creating Public, Corporate and Collectors commissioned artworks, throughout the whole of UK, bronze statues and colossal scale sculpture fabrications.
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Over the years a cumulative mass of working experience and genuine creativity has enabled me to resolve many artworks leaving as many delighted collectors, clients and the public to enjoy my artworks for generations to come.

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Artistry Tailored to Every Space

Our pride lies in crafting versatile artworks that seamlessly fit their settings. From cast bronze portrait statues to towering stainless steel figures, we can also design bespoke structural canopies, railings, gates, way markers, bollards, signposts, awards, and trophies. With adaptability at our core, our site specific engaging creations leave a lasting impact in diverse spaces.

Exploring a World of Sculpture Materials

We continuously explore diverse uses of sculptural media. While bronze and steel are at our core, we venture into architectural reliefs, brick carved friezes, metalwork fabrications, stone, cast stone panels and GRP resins. This creative diversity spans various media, allowing us to overcome artistic challenges, cater to clients desires and create timeless artworks cherished by collectors, clients and the public.

Bronze Sculptures and Stainless Steel Structures

Our journey is marked by versatility. We meticulously cast bronze sculptures inhouse at our A4A Art Bronze Foundry or at our decades trusted associate foundry. We have the space and technology to intricately fabricate colossal stainless steel structures in our Turnberry studio. These materials empower us to create diverse artistic expressions, reflecting our unwavering commitment to artistic quality, design durability and site specific innovation.

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